Delta Oak Group’s partners got their start in the civil aspect of the telecommunications industry by taking on the most challenging sites from a spatial layout, topography, drainage, and earthwork standpoint. Utilizing our historical experience in the roadway design and commercial site development sectors, our engineers apply uniquely tailored civil engineering practices that represent viable, cost-efficient solutions that mesh with the site’s natural topographic features and minimize long-term maintenance costs.

Whether inspecting existing problems such as roadway erosion, drainage problems, slope failures, or developing rawland drawings for a proposed site, our engineers are experts at identifying the catalysts or potential catalysts for maintenance concerns and applying the most cost-effective, apt solution that best fits the site’s spatial, topographic, and geologic constraints.​

Hundreds of sites later and regardless of complexity or location, we pride ourselves on performing site-specific evaluations on EVERY site we inspect/design in order to create a truly tailored, constructible solution for our clients. While every problem can’t be completely solved due to existing site features and/or cost, the goal of a properly engineered and constructed site is to minimize long-term large scale remediation efforts that increase your company’s capex and strain tenant relationships. We welcome conversations with contractors, municipalities, and other project stakeholders, as we believe a holistic approach, from design through construction through long-term maintenance, is vital to produce the best solution for our clients.

Design/Plan Production Services

  • Lease Exhibits, Zoning Drawings, Construction Drawings, As-Builts
    • Rawland Site Design
    • Colocation Design
    • Technology Adds
  • Site Selection/ Candidate Evaluation
  • Engineer’s Estimate of Construction Costs
  • Stormwater and Erosion Control Permitting
  • Local Ordinance Zoning, Permitting, and Code Compliance
  • Balloon Tests
  • Photo Simulations
  • Roadway and Earthwork Design
  • Stormwater Management
  • FEMA compliance
  • Utility Coordination

Inspection/Remediation Services

  • Site Inspections –Maintenance Concerns, Post Construction
  • Drainage, Erosion Control Remediation
  • Slope Failure Remediation
  • 3rd Party Plan Review
  • Expert Testimony
  • Construction Oversight (Civil)

Colocation/Technology Adds

In addition to rawland A&E and civil engineering expertise, Delta Oaks Group provides a full suite of colocation and technology adds A&E services. We draw on the principles of client service, attention to detail, and thorough diligence throughout the design and submittal process to ensure our client’s satisfaction.

At Delta Oaks, it isn’t enough to simply hit our clients’ timeframes. We aim to make the extra effort to understand the governing municipality’s submission and review process, minimizing surprises and resubmittals. Additionally, we focus on constructibility and compatibility of the proposed improvements, noting existing site features and limitations and recognizing how those limitations may affect spatial, electrical, and other components of the proposed design. At the core of our process is communication, as we make an extra effort to ensure we have a thorough understanding of our clients’ requirements, specifications, and construction preferences.