Field Services

At Delta Oaks Group, our inspection services are founded on timeliness, quality, and safety. Whether performing an above or below grade inspection service, our goal is to fulfill our obligation to our clients by meeting or exceeding our quoted timeframes and providing a superior technical product. This starts by fully understanding the project scope and desired utilization of the acquired data, presenting an honest assessment of our capacities to our clients, communicating consistent and accurate project updates, and delivering a professional, comprehensive product reflective of our client’s objectives.

Above Grade Inspections

  • Tower Mappings
  • Water Tank Mappings
  • Line & Antenna Mappings
  • TIA Inspections
  • Pre-Modification Mappings
  • Post-Modification Inspections
  • Post-Construction Inspections
  • Site Audits
  • Certified Welding Inspections

Below Grade Inspections

  • Foundation Investigations including Parallel Seismic
  • Reinforcing Steel Investigations
  • Foundation Modification Inspections
  • Foundation Condition Assessments/Investigations
  • Anchor Pull Testing