Delta Oaks Group fully recognizes what drives the wireless industry – cycle time. However, too often firms become accustomed to the factory approach, utilizing a robotic methodology implemented to focus on cycle time and quantity in order to repeatedly produce the same deliverable. While this is profitable and solves half of the client service equation, it more often than not results in a significant sacrifice in quality. This sacrifice in quality causes substantial delays on the back end and increased turn-key costs that are often a larger detriment to the total build cycle than utilizing a more thorough process on the front-end to produce a higher quality deliverable.

At Delta Oaks Group, our wireless group’s focus is to bring quality back to the forefront while exceeding our client’s expectation regarding cycle times. This is accomplished through a relentless focus on communication, unmatched technical attention to detail, the ability and willingness to realize that each individual task is vital to the overall production/construction process and must be envisioned from the viewpoints of other disciplines, and the implementation of proprietary program management tools.

At the heart of our philosophy is the idea that every project, regardless of complexity, is unique and should be approached on a site-specific basis from both a management and technical perspective. Therefore, every project will not follow the same design procedure and/or turn-around time. To make our approach work, unparalleled communication must be a part of the process. We aim to provide up-front, honest communication to our clients regarding the complexity of the design and/or permitting process. This helps set realistic expectations on the front end, so our clients can convey potential overall build cycle adjustments to their customers. When delays do occur, IMMEDIATE communication is viewed as a must, so that potential cycle time adjustments can be applied in subsequent portions of the turn-key build process to maintain the overall schedule. Complications occur, but ownership and accountability for the situation, consistent communication, and the knowledge and experience to implement the managerial and technical processes necessary to remediate the situation constitutes the Delta Oaks difference.


The managing partners of Delta Oaks Group have over 40 years of experience in the fields of civil-site development, stormwater/hydrology/hydraulics, geotechnical engineering and the applications of these disciplines to the analysis and design of various infrastructure. They have focused not only on individual analyses in each discipline, but more importantly on the interaction of the two disciplines and how the holistic process of soil and water interaction affects the natural and built environment. A significant portion of their studies relating to the built environment have focused on the combined effect of soil and water on foundation components of transportation, building, and telecommunication structures as well as how various aspects of the individual disciplines affect the performance, cost-benefit, and constructability of different types of infrastructure.

Delta Oaks’ partners have worked for multiple clients in the public and private sector, including large-scale turnkey projects and focused, site-specific analyses for government agencies (including the US Army Corps and multiple state DOTs); public and private commercial, residential, and industrial applications; and public and private telecommunication structures. Regardless of the client or specifications of the project, our goal is to couple the needs of the client with sound engineering principles in order to deliver cost-efficient, thorough designs that promote long-term sustainability and safety to the public.